Casablanca INT



This outdoor advertising agency with the largest network of advertising benches in the Czech Republic uses a comprehensive package of ICT services.

“Partnering with Casablanca is very effective for us and allows us to focus on developing our own activities. Thanks to Casablanca we don’t need to worry about ICT at all.”

Central Park Praha

We provide Internet connection and fixed voice services to one of the largest development projects in Prague.

“We need top services with superior support for our clients in a luxury apartment building, and that is exactly what Casablanca provides, without any compromise.”

CK Adventura

This travel agency for enthusiastic travellers and lovers of active lifestyle offers many excursion tours and sports/tourist-oriented trips. We provide Adventura with Internet connection and cloud services.

“Based on our experience we can say that Casablanca is a reliable partner which always responds to our needs in ICT. We especially appreciate the proactive customer care and approach in dealing with our requirements.”

CK Alexandria

One of the largest Czech travel agencies offers both summer and winter holidays in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and many other destinations. We provide Alexandria with an IP voice solution and extensive virtual voice networks.

“The solution provided by Casablanca fully meets our expectations and requirements for fast and easy handling of our clients’ telephone requirements and enquiries. We are also satisfied with the comprehensive development of the network of our branches.”

Edenred CZ

This global provider of benefits and loyalty programmes for employees operates in 42 countries and daily serves around 40 million users. It is a reliable partner in employee motivation that designs efficient benefit systems and optimizes the financial cost incurred for employee benefits and loyalty programmes.

“Few years ago we chose Casablanca to provide us with telecommunications services that help us meet our goals and develop services for our customers and users.”


A Czech company specializing in rental of mobile cranes and transport of heavy and oversized cargo.

“Our main goal is a satisfied client, and we appreciate that Casablanca, which takes care of our IT, has the same philosophy.”

IC Hotels a Sportcentrum Step

One of the most successful sports centres in Prague offers a swimming pool, a wellness area including a sauna world, indoor golf space and many other sports activities. The complex also includes a modern hotel with restaurants and conference/congress facilities.

“Casablanca is our long-term partner and reliable supplier of Internet connectivity and fixed voice services.”

Líbím se ti

This popular Czech social network has been using Casablanca Datacentre services for several years.

“We have been using datacentre services for several years. We are very satisfied with the services, and our requests are always handled professionally and accurately, as we need.”

Moira CZ

A Czech company developing and producing functional fibres, functional clothing and accessories. It uses a VPN network to connect all company shops and headquarters, including access to the Internet.

“Casablanca is our long-time reliable supplier that is always able to immediately respond to our requirements. We are very satisfied with the services provided.”



<strong>Hyundai</strong><br>Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.<br> <strong>manufactures Hyundai cars</strong> respecting<br>environmental protection.

Bohemia Interactive

<strong>Bohemia Interactive</strong><br>Bohemia Interactive is an independent game <br>development studio dedicated to <strong> creating <br>original video games.</strong>

CPI Hotels

<strong>CPI Hotels</strong><br>The CPI Hotels portfolio contains 27 hotels with a total capacity<br> exceeding 8,500 beds and 11,000 conference seats. This makes <br> it <strong>one of the largest hotel groups </strong> in the Czech Republic.

Centrum Chodov

<strong>Chodov Shopping Mall</strong><br>Chodov Shopping Mall operates the <strong> largest <br>shopping mall</strong>in the Czech Republic with<br> regard to the number of shops.

Oresi kuchyně

<strong>Oresi kuchyně</strong><br>In the Czech Republic, in cooperation with its<br> business partners, <strong> Oresi s. r. o. operates a retail <br>chain of kitchen furniture shops </strong>under the Oresi <br>kuchyně brand, registered in the European Union.

World class

<strong>WorldClass</strong><br>WorldClass operates a network of <strong> top fitness<br> and wellness services </strong> throughout Europe.