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Voice services, VoIP

We offer a wide range of services in voice communication. Based on our own advanced technologies, we provide traditional telephone services and services via IP network (VoIP), i.e. Internet calling. We can help you choose and design a service that will best fit your needs.

What will you get from us?

  • nonstop support and servicing
  • individual approach and flexibility in handling requests
  • access to the customer portal
  • competitive prices for calls

Virtual PBX

We provide the Virtual IP PBX service to customers who want to use VoIP services without any worries and costly investments.

Tailored to your needs, we will design, establish and put into operation a virtual IP PBX for which you only need end IP phones. Based on our experience, we will help you choose the most suitable phones and set them according to your requirements. The service may also include rental or a one-time purchase of phones.


“Together with the PBX, you get access to the voice portal with easy management of your user accounts and numbers. You can also monitor your operation and call cost. The service includes a variety of useful features, nonstop support and high-quality customer care.”

VoIP Operátor

Comprehensive voice solutions

Do you need

  • foreign numbers for your international customers?
  • to program IVR for automatic responses and orientation of your customers?
  • a PBX with a specific set of features for call centre operation?
  • a special voice service for your project?

“Our dedicated team will provide you with expert advice, designing a tailored comprehensive voice service for you. It will also ensure its subsequent regular maintenance.”

We also provide

  • virtual fax services
  • mobile solutions
  • integration with your IS and CRM

Comprehensive voice solutions ...

When you talk about your ideas and requirements, we listen. Therefore, we provide tailored services – whether you want to use VoIP, virtual PBX, call recording or anything else.

  • professional voice service
  • competitive prices
  • easy service change
  • overview of cost and calls via a web portal
  • nonstop monitoring and technical support
  • variety of user services and solutions

Alexandria travel agency

One of the largest Czech travel agencies offers both summer and winter holidays in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and many other destinations. We provide Alexandria with an IP voice solution and extensive virtual voice networks.

“The solution provided by Casablanca fully meets our expectations and requirements for fast and easy handling of our clients’ telephone requirements and enquiries. We are also satisfied with the comprehensive development of the network of our branches.”

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