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“We have been providing datacentre services for more than 15 years.”

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About Datacentre

The core of Casablanca Datacentre is a modern and high-quality technology base, including powerful backup systems. Equal emphasis is placed on safety and fire protection.

To provide cooling in the Datacentre, we have chosen a central cooling system and a closed hot/cold aisle system. The machines running in the n+1 system cool the agent that is distributed to each server room. The whole system uses state-of-the-art freecooling technology for maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness. The power system is based on modular UPS systems, complemented by four engine-generators with a total output of 2 MW.

“Our datacentre is no dwarf – it has over 1,600 m². We invest in new technologies to continually provide the best possible services.”

IP connectivity

The data network of the Datacentre has been built for maximum accessibility, using the Juniper, HP and Cisco Systems active elements. The backbone network is fully redundant, with connection to the outside world based on data links with a total capacity exceeding 50 Gbps. Customer connections are provided in any combination of 10M/100M/1G/10G.

“Casablanca INT provides a comprehensive portfolio of housing, colocation and IP services in its own Datacentre.”

IP connectivity<
Datacentre services Datacentre services

Datacentre services

What our Datacentre offers:

  • server location, beginning from single servers
  • rental of up to dozens of racks
  • separate collocation space
  • services related to supply and administration of IP connectivity

We provide nonstop technical support and monitoring for all our services. You can also use additional services, such as remote server administration, data backup and server restart.

“Take advantage of additional services, such as remote server administration, data backup and server restart.”

Data rooms ...

We currently operate 8 data rooms with a total area of about 1,600 m². Over the years, we have come a long way since separate lockable boxes, designed for individual tower servers, to the modern layout of the data room with cold aisle. We are now able to offer entire server racks, as well as a special version in the form of ½ racks or even ¼ racks, which makes it possible to place several servers in a secure flexible space for a reasonable price.

  • nonstop physical security
  • entry registration by chip cards
  • CCTV
  • lockable racks and boxes
  • EPS system
  • fire protection
  • sprinkler system: Fogtec system
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • ethernet (FE, GE, 10GE)
  • NIX.CZ
  • MRTG statistics
  • BGP routing and other IP services
  • rental of optical and metallic lines

Líbím se ti

This popular Czech social network has been using Casablanca Datacentre services for several years.

“We have been using datacentre services for several years. We are very satisfied with the services, and our requests are always handled professionally and accurately, as we need.”

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